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Handcrafted Cannabis From Warren, MI

Producing High‑Quality Cannabis

From start to finish, Uplyfted Cannabis’s growing process is done entirely in-house. In the heart of Southeast Michigan, the cultivation team has calculated our process to ensure the best end product and healthiest lifestyle for our plants. With a formula of time and care with a hands-on approach by our team, backed by the best technology and equipment the industry has to offer, Uplyfted’s end result is premium crafted cannabis for you, the consumer.
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A Curated Process

Uplyfted cannabis is grown in a highly controlled facility, allowing the plants to always have the right temperature, lighting, and moisture for optimal health. The cultivation team works nonstop to make sure all plants are tended to appropriately and maintained as pure as possible. We work directly with high-end equipment to care properly for each plant.
Innovative Technology
State-Of-The-Art Facility
Accurate Hand Trimming
Premium-Level Products

We Stand Behind Our Products

Here at Uplyfted Cannabis, we know how important attention to detail is during the growing process, which allows us to be confident in the product we produce. From this, our cultivation team then knows exactly when to harvest the plants, allowing the best flavors, aromas, and effects to form in the flower. We tailor every step of the process to help us create premium craft cannabis.

  • The Growing: Our plants grow in a controlled facility with state-of-the-art equipment to help yield the best results.
  • The Harvesting: The plants are harvested with precise timing to maximize the quality of the flower. Our team then hand-trims each plant to prevent destroying any profiles of the flower.
  • Final Product: The process ends with a curated product that our team stands behind, and we know will leave you feeling Uplyfted!

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